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Phantom Canyon Road

Our latest adventure took us into Phantom Canyon. We ended up arriving fairly late in the afternoon after a serious of child-related mishaps rendered our efforts for an early departure impossible. If you notice in the photo above the sun is beginning to set here and the shadows are starting to creep over the mountains as it goes down leaving a band of sunshine just across the peaks.

When we first arrived I was a little confused where we should park because both sides entering the park land were marked posted, but we eventually did arrive at a pull-off beside an official looking sign and felt at ease getting out for a hike. This particular adventure turned out to be a bit more crowded than we’re used to as this seems to be fairly heavily used BLM land. Sadly this has resulted in quite a bit of litter around the campsites and along the road, but it is beautiful and well worth the trip nonetheless (but please do your part and pack out what you can should you visit).

As often is the case with littles in tow we didn’t manage to hike the whole trail, but we did give the well-traveled road a drive after the kids were too tired to hike anymore.

Along our drive we passed a ton of campsites and people engaged in various outdoors and athletic activities like this guy who was midway through climbing this rock face as we drove by. Our drive came just in time because the hangrys had struck and the temperature had taken a major drop on our hike back toward the car as the sun went down wrapping up another great day of exploring Colorado.



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