We’ve Moved to Colorado!

If you’ve been keeping up with us on Instagram then you probably already know that we have relocated from our home base in Charleston, SC to the Rocky Mountains with our new home base now being Colorado Springs, CO. This most definitely wasn’t the original plan, but as you may or may not know our 5 year old son is autistic and nonverbal. After nearly 3.5 years of waitlists for ABA therapy in South Carolina we gave up, did some research, and made an educated decision to move to Colorado. We separated for a short while just before Halloween so the Mister could get us settled out here while I wrapped up our house, lives, and therapy in Charleston.

It took a bit longer than we had hoped but we’ve all finally made it! These days we’re getting our lives set up here, visiting doctors and scheduling therapy, and making it a point to get out and about exploring all that Colorado has to offer as often as possible!

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