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Love is found on the beach–or at least so it seems for many in our coastal community here near Charleston, SC. For us, love blossomed on the shores of Folly Beach, with a calendar full of “dates” by the ocean that eventually led to a wedding in that very same spot! For others, maybe on the West Coast or even across the world…there is just something magnetic–even magical–about a beach.

We’ve just added a “bumper sticker” section, so I thought I’d share our first one. It comes in white or with a clear background to fit best with your car’s paint color, and features two cartoon palm trees (with coconuts – so definitely not native to our Folly Beach! 🙂 with the words “Love is found on the Beach” in the center. This fun design, or any of our new bumper stickers will look great on your car, truck, or rv. This sticker design comes in two sizes and ranges in price from $3.50-5 each.

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